Compliance with Data Subject Request – Template

If you receive any data request it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure who the request comes from.  If  there is any doubt that the request comes from the right person, you need to verify the identity of  the person on the other end of the conversation. You can use this text example as a first response. Once you are satisfied about the identity, you can carry out the request.

Free GDPR Template – text example as a  first response


We have received your request concerning your personal data. We thank you for reaching out to us. This helps us to keep our company in line with GDPR.

We need to make absolutely sure you sent this request to us. We do not want to risk giving your data to someone else or compromising your data in any way.

If you have not personally made a requested concerning your data please let us know.

Should you have personally made the request, we need to verify your identity. One possibility is for you to submit a scan or copy of your identity card, so we can verify. We will delete this scan or copy after it has been used for verification.

We understand not everybody feels comfortable sending a scan or copy of their id card. If you feel this way, please contact us so we can discuss how we can verify your identity in a manner you are comfortable with.

We will then process your request as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


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