Provide value-add service to your customers

Additional revenue stream

GDPR is a key legal requirement for all your customers

Leverage GDPRWise App

Providing professional results quickly, refine thereafter

No legal expertise needed

We’ve done the legal work, you provide the business view

Regulatory alerts

We keep you updated on changes in the regulatory landscape

Strong partnership, each playing to their strengths

You know your customers, we know about GDPR


understand which customers run the highest non-compliance risk


are ready to provide you with an efficient, easy-to-use and result driven solution


initiate their Dossier based on your understanding of their business


analyze what type of data is used and make the appropriate mentions in the Register and Privacy Policies, as well as line up the necessary data sharing agreements while storing everything safely in their GDPRWise dossier


provide value-add service getting your customer in the green


provide you with warnings based on best practices and a knowledge base tailored to your Dossier or provide referral if we identify the question as up level.


check in periodically with your customer to process changes


alert you based on the specifics of your Dossier whenever there is something new or important you should be aware of.

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