Misconceptions GDPR , GDPR is a passing trend – GDPR common myths and misconceptions

GDPR is here to stay, GDPR is not a passing trend. When the rules entered into force in 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted : ”With the GDPR we are building a European sovereignty on data. We have to do the same for the cloud, for AI, for innovation at large.”

This message has been well received by consumer organisations and advocacy groups. More and more websites are providing models to file privacy complaints, automate data rights requests and automate compliance checkers. The number of cases initiated by citizens is expected to increase exponentially.

European GDPR initiative

The European GDPR initiative is joined by similar systems all over the world. With more of our personal and professional interactions going digital most developed nations are now implementing similar privacy focused regulation. Privacy is a human right and organisations will need to operate with a privacy-first mindset, and that is a good thing for all involved. Therefore, it is good to learn more about common GDPR Misconceptions.


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