GDPR and Cookies

GDPR Compliance Misconceptions

GDPR is about providing transparency & protection about why and how your personal data is being used. GDPR did put the spotlight on cookies as they were typically saving bits of personal data upon visiting a website without your knowledge.
You can compare public internet websites with public areas in the real world really.

How would you feel if in the real world someone would start harvesting personal details about you without any notice or you being aware? To protect your privacy GDPR requires websites to state for what personal data they gather for which purpose, and allow you to opt-out where possible. Hence you have a lot more transparency & control over these activities.


GDPR compliance – it’s much more than just cookies

GDPR covers not just cookies but ALL processing (digital or other) that involves personal data (digital or other). So the same transparency & control benefits do apply whenever a firm processes your data.

Doing nothing about GDPR nowadays is a risky strategy. The smart choice is on you joining GDPRWise right now and taking advantage of GDPR!

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