GDPR data in the Cloud – GDPR Misconceptions

GDPR aims to provide transparency & protection about why and how your personal data is being used irrespective of how the data is collected or where it is stored. So, personal data could be in the Cloud, or on any PC / laptop / Phone etc. all the way down to information that was printed or even handwritten in some file.

This is a good thing of course, as your personal data should always be handled with great care. Therefore, for cloud services (GDPR data in the Cloud) you want things nicely secured in line with best practices. That also holds true for example for your local doctor’s practice that could lose a laptop which holds a copy of your medical file. In the same manner, that the filing cabinet at your local job search office that holds paper copies of your employment files, should be properly secured.


In short, GDPR applies to all personal data, irrespective of where it is stored.

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