GDPR misconceptions – GDPR only applies to the big firms

Luckily not! It is a common GDPR misconception. Our professional and personal interactions are increasingly happening in a digital manner and all firms need to give the personal data of EU citizen the care it deserves. The big firms are just processing more data and are likely doing more with it, so it made perfect sense to target those first. But now the focus of the regulator is shifting to the small & medium sized firms.

The EU is not an isolated case and so if you are EU based you are not at a disadvantage. The EU did lead the way but  most nations in the developed world now have implemented or are implementing similar privacy focused regulation to protect the personal data of their citizens.

We hope that in the near future handling personal data thoughtfully is just going to be second nature to any and all firms, big and small.

In short, doing nothing about GDPR in your firm is a risky strategy. The smart money is on you joining GDPRWise now and using GDPR to your advantage!


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