GDPR Law and Privacy Policy misconceptions

Just having a cookie popup or privacy policy on your website does not make your firm GDPR compliant. In fact if you just copied something from the web or left it to your website builder to stick something in, chances are that those are not aligned with your firm’s actual activities and as a result could make things even worse. There are many GDPR and Privacy Policy misconceptions, which you can further explore in our knowledge base.

GDPR law requires you to reflect on all the personal data you capture, process and share. You are bound to record the names and addressed of your customers, BUT also on your staff and any contacts at your suppliers. Most likely you are already sharing data as you share information with your bookkeeper, lawyer, HR benefit processor, insurance company etc.

These are of course perfectly normal activities to undertake but GDPR requires you at a very minimum to catalogue those and be able to clearly communicate to those involved why and how you are processing their personal data.

It’s not that hard and we have made it super easy for you, but it needs your attention and a bit of your time. Just check out our How it Works page for more information.


Compliance software for the SME – GDPRWise App

We have simplified compliance with GDPR requirements for you.

Get access to our Privacy Policy Generator and GDPR Register using our GDPR compliance software. Our software solution holds listings of processing activities in many industries. In a single click, the GDPRWise App can generate your privacy policy and GDPR register, based on the sector specific content we have set up in your online GDPRWise dossier. Validate and refine where specified, that is all that needs to be done.

Also, we encourage you to perform a quick and free GDPR compliance check of your privacy policy, simply paste in the link to your privacy policy web page here in our GDPR privacy policy checker.