Third Party Dossier


Your company collaborates with others on a day-to-day basis: suppliers, contractors, accountants, lawyers, IT support etc. and in doing so you share data. You might not have given it much consideration up to now, but you are probably sharing personal information with those parties.

For example when share customer invoices and bank statements with your accountant, you are sharing the personal information that is captured on those invoices and statements. Similarly your IT support might very well have access to your systems, website and databases and the personal data within those in order to support you properly.

A third category are the online tools and services you use. Common examples are an online booking system, an online client management system, an online billing system or an online website visitor tracking tool like Google Analytics. Since those tools hold the personal data on your customers (and other parties), you are in effect sharing that data with those online services.

A fourth category are the social media platforms you use. Your social media partners should be listed as third parties as most likely you are sharing personal data on those. We have created a dedicated help item on social media which you can find here.

All this is perfectly normal, you just need to make sure that these interactions are listed in your privacy policy and you have assurances in place from the third parties that they will handle the personal data you share with the right care.

This is where your GDPRWise Third Party Dossier comes is. It allows you to:

  1. List those processes where you share data with others, so they are included when you generate your privacy policy
  2. Email a data sharing agreement to the Third Party if you have no agreement in place yet

Have a look at the processes we are suggesting in the Consider Adding section, and add those that are relevant to your company.

When adding a process, do review the data items to make sure you capture all the data items you are using and in a final step add the company details of the Third Party. If you do not have the details to hand, just add some basic information and select the CHECKBOX to NOT send anything out and refine later.

Screenshot Do Not Send DSA