GDPR Business hack for the SME

If you have not done much around GDPR or just copied some random privacy policy from the internet and you want to get your GDPR under control, join us in this 5 times 5 minutes business hack for the SME series.

So 5 videos for you to watch with very practical advise and demonstration that each take 5 minutes. If you feel the time is about right for your firm to do better around GDPR, this might be the ideal path for you to do so.

No need to watch all 5 videos in one sitting, why not spread it over 5 days. In any case, we hope they prove to be useful. Contact us if you have any questions.

GDPR 5×5 minutes – GDPR Business hack for the SME

1. Why & What
2. Think Customer
3. Think Staff
4. Think 3rd Party
5. Publish Documents

So do check out the video series, here is the link to the first video.


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