GDPR Policy Template

Need a GDPR policy template?

The law requires companies that handle personal information of for example customers, staff or suppliers, to post their GDPR Policy on their business websites. 

Therefore, if you have a website, web app, mobile app, or desktop app that collects or processes user data, you must post a Privacy Policy on your website (or give in-app access to the full Privacy Policy). 

A GDPR Privacy Policy Template is something we can help you with, thanks to our GDPR privacy policy generator.


GDPR Privacy Policy that meets GDPR Requirements

The idea of privacy is not new. People have always wanted to keep their private and social lives private. But the idea that people have a right to privacy, is a fairly new one.

Laws and rules have been put in place all over the world to protect personal data e.g data  about health, financial state, purchases, conviction, religion etc. Henceforth, the personal information that GDPR is protecting is very important to the person it relates to. Also, it is critical to keep sensitive, personally identifiable information private unless there is deliberate consent to share. Subsequently, this includes our credit card numbers, social security numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. If this kind of information gets into the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of trouble.

Because of all of this, our GDPR Privacy Policy generator lets you choose from a wide range of industries, and gives you a custom GDPR policy template that’s ready to be uploaded to your site.


GDPR Policy Template

Each website should prominently show a Privacy Policy agreement for a number of reasons. Some of the most important ones are: Because the law requires so, needed by services other than your own, makes things clearer and more transparent.

Creating a GDPR Policy Template from scratch is a pretty daunting task. Therefore, we, a GDPR compliance provider GDPRWise, have created a GDPR Policy Generator, which will allow you to produce a GDPR privacy policy template, ready to use in a few easy steps.


1. Select your industry sector

GDPR Policy Template - step1

2. Confirm your business processes

GDPR Policy Template - step2

3. Generate your Privacy Policies

GDPR Policy Template - step3

4. Our updates keep you in the green

GDPR Privacy Policy Template - step 4

If you still want to have a go a try and create a GDPR privacy policy template from scratch, then the below information will give you a head start:

GDPR Template for a Privacy Policy: Some useful clauses that should be included if you decided to draft your GDPR Policy template by yourself.

We will walk you through GDPR’s requirements for your Privacy Policy, and show you how to make your own GDPR policy template that meets those requirements.

GDPR Policy Template

One of the most important things the GDPR asks of companies that fall under its rules, is to provide transparency. In other words, they make information about the personal data they’re processing clear and easy to find. Moreover, to do this, you need to have a clear and well structured GDPR Privacy Policy template, covering all legally required information items.

Your Privacy Policy must be accurate, and easily comprehensible, with all the necessary information required by laws and for transparency.


Here are the crucial aspects of your data processing activities you need to add to your GDPR policy template:

  1. Firstly, who is processing the data (Article 13(1)(a) of GDPR)
  2. What legal basis allows you to collect user data (Article 13(1)(c) of GDPR)
  3. The purposes for collecting personal data (Article 13(1)(c) of GDPR)
  4. What types of personal data you collect
  5. How long you’re going to store the data (Article 12(2)(a) of GDPR)
  6. Whether you transfer the data internationally (Article 13 (1)(f) of the GDPR)
  7. Also, whether you use the data in automated decision-making (Article 12(2)(f) of GDPR
  8. What third parties you share the data with (Article 13(1)(e) of GDPR)
  9. What are the data subject rights (Article 13(2)(b) of GDPR)
  10. Lastly, how you’ll inform users about changes to your policy


Having a Privacy Policy that is up-to-date, and in line with GDPR, is not only required by law and will help you avoid fines and challenges from customers; it is also helpful in many other ways:

  • You have a chance to review how you protect data, which will make it less likely that you’ll have a data breach or be subject to a complaint.
  • If either of these things happens, you can show the institution in charge, data protection authority, that you did the right thing.
  • Your customers will feel like their personal information and rights are safe with you.
  • And remember most importantly, it’s required by law if you want to do business in the EU.


Even though you probably already have a Privacy Policy for your business, website, or app GDPR requires you keep it up-to-date. Moreover, changes are you created the privacy policy a while ago by copying a privacy policy template from the internet. You really should go back and update it to make it clearer, shorter, and include some specific information that wasn’t understood before.

When you own a website or an app you are almost always collecting, processing and storing information about your users. As a result you have certain responsibilities towards them. Ultimately, as a website owner, you have a duty to keep their personal information safe and protect users’ privacy as much as you can. Also, GDPR requires you to let users know what personal information you collect and how their information will be stored and used by providing them with a Privacy Policy.

You can choose a simple and economic solution, and generate your GDPR Policy template, by our GDPR Compliance Software for the SME.

Our GDPR Compliance Software, GDPR Privacy Policy generator, can create all of the documents that the GDPR regulation calls for:

1. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can make a privacy policy for your customers that you should put on your website.

2. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can help you make a privacy policy for your employees that you can add to their employment contract. It is very important to keep track of any staff personal data processing in a separate staff privacy policy file.

3. When you share data with other people, our GDPR document generator can create a data sharing agreement for you. GDPR requires you to document any sharing of personal information e.g. with your bookkeeper or with any cloud-based SAAS software like a CRM tool etc.

4. Also, our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can generate GDPR register, which is a key internal privacy document you are legally required to keep and update.