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Basically, once you have registered with GDPRWise, you can use our GDPR Privacy Policy generator. With a single click of your mouse, our GDPR Privacy Policy generator will generate a privacy policy, specific to the content you have captured in your GDPR Dossier.

What’s even better is that you do not start with an empty sheet. In fact, we have done the hard work for you and filled your GDPR dossier with all the necessary items, based on the industry sector you operate in. In other words your GDPR dossier should already be 80% to 90% complete. All you have to do is review what is already there, and refine where needed.

That is to say, most of the work has been done for you, since your GDPR dossier is pre-filled based on your industry sector. It contains the items that are most commonly used in your industry. The correct terminology that is most common in your industry, makes the content very familiar to you, and most comprehensible for you to review. We understand that you are already preoccupied when running your company. However, we trust you will find we have made it super easy for you, to get peace of mind, quickly.

Therefore, be aware that GDPR not only requires you to inform your customers about the personal data you process, but equally any other parties you interact with e.g. staff, suppliers, third parties etc.

Never fear, GDPRWise has you covered here, as well.


Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can generate all of the documents that are required by the GDPR regulation:

  1. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can generate a privacy policy for your customers, that you should publish on your website.
  2. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can generate a privacy policy for your staff, that you should append to their contract of employment. A lot of the GDPR related challenges originate from past staff relationships. Your firm, inadvertently, stores quite a bit of personal data on its staff e.g. name, address, salary, bank account, qualifications, performance reviews etc. As a result, it is paramount you also document any staff related processing of personal data, in a dedicated staff privacy policy.
  3. Our GDPR generator can generate a data sharing agreement, when you share data with other parties. Consequently, you might think you are not really sharing any data, since you are not selling any. Think again! You are, for example, sharing some of the personal data of your customers with your bookkeeper, when you submit your invoices. Similarly, you are sharing personal data on your customers with any cloud SAAS software provided e.g. a CRM tool as the data is stored on the infrastructure of the software provider.
  4. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can generate your GDPR register, which is a key document you are legally required to hold and maintain. GDPRWise has you covered here, there is no extra work to be done here.
    Finally, we generate your GDPR register straight from your GDPR dossier, so all the necessary information is already there.


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