GDPR Privacy Policy Template Free


Drafting a GDPR privacy Policy statement from scratch can be a complex and a daunting task. 

With our Privacy Policy Generator you can partially generate your privacy policy template for free. Together with the Privacy Policy you can partially view your GDPR Register of processing activities. This is a good start towards GDPR compliance. 

If you wish to get your GDPR compliance to the next level, at any time you can upgrade your free plan and have access to all compliance documents and actions GDPRWise provides. 


Documents required by the GDPR


All of the documents required by the GDPR regulation can be created using our GDPR Compliance Software’s GDPR Privacy Policy generator:

  1. A Privacy Policy for your customers that you should put on your website.
  2. A Privacy Policy for your employees, that should be added to the employment contract. It is of utmost importance to keep track of any staff personal data processing to avoid any challenges when a staff relationship would break off on bad terms.
  3. Sharing data with other people/companies? Our GDPR document generator can create a data sharing agreement for you. GDPR requires you to document any sharing of personal information e.g. with your bookkeeper or with any cloud-based SAAS software, CRM tool etc.
  4. GDPR Register of processing activities, which is a key internal privacy document you are legally required to keep and update.
  5. Cookie Policy
  6. Data Breach incident log and Data subject Request Register 


GDPR Privacy Policy Template Free

Our GDPR compliance software, will allow you to generate a privacy policy for your site. Follow these few easy steps: 

1. Select your industry sector

GDPR Small Charities Policy Template-1

2. Confirm your business processes

GDPR Small Charities Policy Template-2

3. Generate your Privacy Policies

GDPR Small Charities Policy Template-3

4. Our updates keep you in the green

 GDPR templates free

Our Privacy Policy Generator makes it easy to create a Privacy Policy. 


To summarise, the GDPR is a critical piece of privacy legislation that affects all companies, regardless of size or location, that process personal data of EU residents. To avoid significant fines, protect customer data, and build trust in the marketplace, businesses should take the GDPR seriously and make a concerted effort to comply with the requirements. While there may be some barriers to GDPR compliance, such as cost or complexity, these can be overcome with the assistance of available resources, like GDPRWise. Finally, investing in GDPR compliance can provide numerous long-term benefits for small and medium businesses, such as improved data management, increased customer trust, and a competitive advantage in the market.

Our Privacy Policy Generator makes it easy to create a Privacy Policy for your small and medium businesses. We have done 80% of the work, you just have to validate and refine. Click here to create your Free GDPRWise account.

You can also make use of our free GDPR templates, that  can serve you well in case of any GDPR related issues and challenges. 


Drafting a GDPR Policy template for your business is a complex task. Therefore, consider using our GDPR compliance tool, to make it easier. In a few easy steps, get your compliant GDPR Privacy Policy template ready, to implement on your site. Thanks to our GDPR compliance generator, it’s easy.