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GDPR compliance tool - GDPR Wise App

GDPR Compliance Tool

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tell us what business you are in


provide you with a pre-filled dossier to give you a head start


confirm your day to day routine


make the appropriate mentions in your Register and Privacy Policies as well as line up your data sharing agreements and store everything safely in your online GDPRWise dossier


tell us about GDPR requests you received


provide you with a step by step guide on how you should act, complete with time frame and appropriate template or referral if we identify the question as up level


stay in touch


give you tips and best practices, so you can organize your day to day routine and keep it safe and compliant. We alert you whenever there is something new or important you should be aware of

GDPR Compliance Tool – How it works

4 easy steps to keep you in the green

1. Select your industry sector

GDPR Compliance Tool - GDPRWise App

2. Confirm your business processes

GDPR Compliance Tool - GDPR Wise App

3. Generate your Privacy Policies

GDPR Compliance Tool for the SME - GDPR Wise

4. Our updates keep you in the green

GDPR Compliance Tools for SME - GDPRWise App

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GDPRWise Features

Here’s why our online GDPRWise Compliance Tool is right for you

Are you an accountant or lawyer looking to assist your customers in getting their GDPR in order?

Demystifying GDPR

GDPR wants all of us to be more mindful when it comes to personal data and we will help you to be a better corporate citizen in 4 easy steps


GDPR wants all businesses to pause for a second and reflect on what personal data they capture and for what purpose. We all want our personal data to be handled with great care, so reflecting on how the firm handles it  is a great first step. The steps by step guides in the GDPRWise app will help you to reflect. 


As you reflect on what personal data you are using, the GDPR requires you to document the output so it can be worked on to improve, used to inform the people you do business with and last but not least prove to the regulator you have a handle on things. The GDPRWise app through its sector based step by step guides, helps you to document your GDPR Dossier in no time.


As you document your GDPR Dossier, the regulator requires you to communicate your stance & efforts with customers, staff and business partners in Privacy Policies & Data Sharing Agreements. The Regulator also demands you maintain a GDPR Register of Processing Activities for its inspection. Our GDPR Compliance Tool, the GDPRWise app, generates all these documents for you in a single click using the information you documented in your GDPRWise Dossier. 

Stay in the green

The GDPRWise app will support you to keep your GDPR Dossier up-to-date and help you to improve where needed. At the same time GDPRWise monitors changes in the GDPR landscape to alert you of material events, automatically improving your Dossier where possible to keep you in the green and suggesting corrective action where required.