Included in every plan

GDPRWise comes pre-filled with all the elements that are relevant to your sector. We have done the hard work for you and more. GDPRWise includes in every plan all features you need to get a head start and get your firm’s GDPR under control.

  • Pre-filled Customer Dossier
  • Pre-filled Staff Dossier

  • Pre-filled 3rd Party Dossier
  • Customer Privacy Policy

  • Staff Privacy Policy

  • GDPR Register

  • EN, NL, FR and DE languages

  • Breach & other templates

  • GDPRWise seal

  • Knowledge Base

  • Training Videos
  • Email based support

Risk Free Solution

Try for free. No credit card required. Only upgrade when satisfied. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be expensive. As a GDPR solutions provider we offer a pocket friendly GDPR compliance software solution suited to the small and medium sized business.

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Free Trialfor 3 Months
  • Try for free. No credit card required.
  • Preview the documents we generate and only upgrade when satisfied.

Get peace of mind

295billed annually
  • You now can download your filled in GDPR Documents in different formats
  • Generate Data Sharing Agreements
  • Display GDPRWise seal on your website
  • Receive GDPR Regulatory Alerts
  • Special – Get your dossiers reviewed by GDPR Expert in 30min Zoom call

EU Data Representation

From 595billed annually
  • Everything in the Peace of Mind plan
  • Your firm is not based in the EU and we provide EU Data Representation

Pricing FAQ

The paid version give you access to download the GDPR documents in full. The free versions gives you access to all features to build up your GDPR dossier, but only provides a partial download to the GDPR documents.

The short answer is that GDPR requires you not only to have a privacy policy but also to maintain a GDPR register. Additionally since more often than not GDPR related challenges originate from staff relationships gone sour, it also makes business sense to have a privacy policy specific to staff. Add to that the requirement to maintain a data breach register and the number of documents you are legally required to hold is already up to 4. Don’t worry, all these and more are included in full in our paid plans.

Currently the GDPRWise web application supports 4 languages: English, Dutch, French and German. You can generate the documents in any and all of the languages at no extra cost. We are working to add more languages as we expand regionally. Do let us know if you would want us to prioritise any language.

Great to hear want to get your GDPR in order! If you do not want to tackle this yourself, we can get you in touch with privacy professionals who are GDPRWise experts and will gladly provide you with a quote.

The license model works per registered company entity. You can add as many users as you require to contribute to the creation of your GDPR dossier.

Anyone starts on a free plan, giving you access to all features to build up your GDPR dossier without it costing you anything. In other words you can makes sure our sector approach and templates make sense to your organisation before you commit to upgrade to a paid plan.

The moment you upgrade to a paid account, you get access to download the generated GDPR documents in full. Therefor we believe only a yearly subscription makes sense. We are a considering a monthly subscription for year 2 and beyond, so do reach out if you feel that makes most sense to your organisation.

Organisations that are NOT registered in the EU but are targeting the EU market and its citizen should have a data representative in the EU according to Art. 27 of the GDPR regulation. So if you are based in the EU, this does not apply to you. In a post Brexit world, if you are based in the UK and offering products or services in the EU, you should ensure you have EU Data Representation.

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