GDPR for Accountants


GDPR Compliance tool for Accountants 


What does GDPR mean for Accounting and/or Auditing Firms?

Accountants deal with a lot of data on a daily basis, both from clients and from employees. Firms must verify that their systems and processes are compliant with GDPR regulation. 

Accounting firms that already offering compliance related services to their customers or just are considering providing such a service, look no further. We have a solution for you. Now the process of compliance with GDPR can be smoother than ever. We are inviting any Accounting firm to consider our GDPR compliance solution, to help its customers with their GDPR compliance efforts.


GDPR for Accountants brings both challenges and opportunities. 


Find out how Accounting firms can help their small and medium sized customers comply with GDPR and provide value-add and additionally chargeable service. 

Each of your clients must have a Privacy Policy in place, as well as a GDPR register. Small and medium-sized businesses have generally done very little in response to GDPR, and hence this represents an excellent chance for you to increase income while also strengthening client loyalty. 

From our experience we see that most small and medium sized firms have significant gaps when it comes to GDPR compliance. Moreover most small and medium sized firms do want help if that help is pragmatic and can be procured at a reasonable price point. Most importantly, GDPR compliance is here to remain, so get started now before others do. That is to say, you can increase income by earning a commission by referring consumers or service those customers yourself with the help of our GDPRWise software..  

The process of producing a GDPR Policy Template from scratch can be quite intimidating. To make this task easier we developed a GDPR Policy Generator. This tool enables you to create a GDPR privacy policy template quickly and effortlessly in just a few simple steps.


GDPR Privacy Policy Generator

Our Privacy Policy Generator makes it easy to create a Privacy Policy for your small and medium business. We have done 80% of the work, you just have to validate and refine. Click here to create your Free GDPRWise account and find out how you can utilise it to your benefit.


Our GDPR Compliance Software, GDPR Privacy Policy generator, can create all of the documents that the GDPR regulation calls for:

  1. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can easily complete a privacy policy for you or your customers.
  2. Our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can help you create a privacy policy for your employees, which you can easily add to their employment contract in a dedicated staff privacy policy file.
  3. When you share data with other people, our GDPR document generator can produce a data sharing agreement for you. GDPR requires you to record any sharing of personal information e.g. with your bookkeeper or with any cloud-based SAAS software
  4. Also, our GDPR Privacy Policy generator can set up a GDPR Register, which is a key internal privacy document you are legally required to keep and update.


After becoming familiar with the software, you can utilise it to organise GDPR compliance for your customers effortlessly. By using our GDPRWise software, you can rapidly develop and expand a GDPR service for your client base, creating a fresh source of income for your business.

Read why our GDPRWise Privacy Policy generator is the best solution out there.


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