GDPR for Web Hosting companies


GDPR Compliance tool for Web Hosting firms


If you are a web hosting company, offering GDPR compliance services to your customers can be a valuable addition to your business. By providing GDPR-related services, you can assist your customers in complying with GDPR regulations and establish a new revenue stream for your company.


How to help your customers to comply with GDPR


Modern Web Hosting companies combine a variety of services to provide their customers with the most efficient digital platform possible. Moreover, given hosting firms are core to the customer’s digital presence, they are ideally placed to also assist their customers to comply with their GDPR requirements.

Nowadays, privacy and security are important topics for any businesses. Therefore, we have come up with the GDPR compliance solution that you can now offer to your customers. 

You can refer your customers to us, or incorporate GDPRWise into your platform. Both solutions will be beneficial for your web hosting company. 

Each company’s website should have a privacy policy, and each company should have a GDPR Register. Assisting your consumers in becoming GDPR compliant is a fantastic value-added service that they will recognise, and appreciate.

Therefore, as a web host, you can provide your small and medium customers with a comfortable solution for website hosting and GDPR compliance, all in one place.

Moreover, the ability to provide GDPR compliance status is critical for the security and success of your hosting business. Also, this assures you that you and your clients are GDPR compliant. Don’t take the risk that your clients will migrate to a competitor because you do not offer essential GDPR compliance services. Give your web hosting company the GDPR credentials and recognition it deserves. Furthermore, gain a competitive edge for your hosting business.


GDPR Compliance and Web Hosting Companies


To offer GDPR services to your customers, you can utilise GDPR compliance tools or software solutions, like GDPRWise, that can help automate compliance processes. You can also opt to provide additional privacy and security related products and services to your customer e.g. SSL certificates, Security scanning, security audits etc. 

It is important to note that offering GDPR compliance services requires a thorough understanding of the GDPR regulations, as well as the specific requirements for web hosting companies. Therefore, it is recommended to work with a GDPR compliance provider to ensure that your services are reliable, accurate, and effective. By offering GDPR services, you can demonstrate to your customers that you take data privacy seriously and establish a competitive advantage in the market.

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