GDPR Compliance in B2B

The answer is, You most probably will.

Even if only a small amount of personal data is processed, GDPR compliance is triggered.

GDPR B2B Compliance – example

For example, if you capture the name and email address of any contact of your business partners or suppliers, GDPR rules apply. Even if you do not record a person’s name, but a person may be identifiable through the data you keep, you fall within the scope of GDPR. So even if you only record address, date of birth and gender identity, without recording the name, this may be enough to identify a person and thus make GDPR applicable.

So it is better to be safe than sorry and as a rule, comply with GDPR, considering also B2B GDPR Compliance. It’s not that hard and we have made it super easy for you, but it needs your attention and a bit of your time. Just check out our How it Works page for more information.

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