GDPR and Social Media Accounts

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter do tend to draw the attention of the privacy authorities. As there is ongoing litigation, you want to make sure not to get caught in the crossfire. In other words, if you happen to have created the page a while back and do not really benefit from it, consider removing it.

GDPR, Social Media and visitors’ Personal Data

It is highly recommended you at least take the following steps :

  • Make sure your privacy policy clearly states that your social media pages collect and process visitors’ personal data.
  • In the same policy, state explicitly that you receive visitors statistics from this social media platform. Additionally, that you as well as the platform are joint data controller, according to the European jurisprudence.
  • Make sure you inform user that any link to the social media page you might have on your website takes them away from your site and they should be comfortable with the privacy arrangements of the social media website before visiting the page.
  • Make sure your social media page has visible link to your privacy policy.

Feel free to check our GDPR Questions and Answers section for further GDPR related information.


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