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GDPR Compliance Software

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GDPR Compliance Software

Because GDPR applies to all of us

GDPR is only for the big firms?

Think again! GDPR applies to all firms that handle personal data.

GDPR is only about cookies?

Reassess! You also need Privacy Policies and a GDPR Register.

GDPR is only about Cloud data?

Reconsider! GDPR applies even to paper documents.

I don’t store personal data?

Think again! Customer or staff names, addresses, bank accounts…

GDPR Made Easy

We have done the hard work and pre-filled your dossier based on your sector.


Using plain language we have pre-filled your Dossier. Therefore, given your sector, we have the answers already. So you just need to confirm things.


Your dossier has been pre-filled, therefore you only need to confirm what is relevant. Subsequently, we will help you refine it.


When in doubt, send us an email. A team of real GDPR experts is standing by to support you.


Complete your GDPRWise Dossier and your Privacy Policy and Register will generate automatically. Benefit from our GDPR Compliance Software.


How it works – GDPR Compliance Software

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GDPR Compliance Software - GDPRWise App

2. Confirm your business processes

GDPR Compliance Software for the SME - GDPR Wise App

3. Generate your Privacy Policies

GDPR Compliance Software - GDPRWise

4. Our updates keep you in the green

GDPR Compliance Software Solution - GDPRWise

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GDPR Compliance Software

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