Google Analytics alternatives

When launching a website, especially a commercial website, it is key to measure and understand website traffic. Where do users come from, which pages do they land on, which flows do they follow, where do things break down etc.

For most website builders the go-to analytics tool is Google Analytics. Hence, this choice is made most likely without considering the privacy implications. Moreover, Google has been fined multiple times for its analytics tool not meeting the GDPR requirements. Additionally, Google’s focus as an internet search and advertising juggernaut to understand people’s every move, desire and motive and you will understand why we would like you to consider more privacy focused alternatives.


Running without a cookie popup!

Did you know that most privacy focused google analytics alternatives can be configured to run without cookies? Meaning you do not have to ask for consent and display the annoying cookie popup! We all hate this cookie pop-ups, especially you webdesigners out there that create beautiful web experiences only to have them rudely interrupted by a cookie popup.

Here are some alternatives we feel you should explore so you can can provide your users with the best possible experience while also caring for their privacy!

And here are a couple more resources for you

The French data protection authority published a guide with a fuller list of tools and configurations:

The Belgian non-profit also publishes a list of all sorts of privacy focused alternatives