GDPR and Small Firms


Small firms are overloaded with all sorts of legal requirements and there is only so much you can do. We understand and sympathise with you! Here are the most common objections small firms have towards complying with the GDPR along with our views on how we can help to overcome those!

Cost: “Compliance with the GDPR is expensive, and businesses firms cannot afford to implement all the necessary measures.”

GDPRWise: We got you covered here. We have worked out a most cost effective solution using pre-filled content dossiers so you only have to confirm and refine. This should allow you to get your key GDPR documents in order in under an hour.  While there may be some costs involved in complying with the other aspects of GDPR, such updating systems and processes, or training staff, the long-term benefits of a strong privacy culture and improved data management far outweigh these costs. Additionally, non-compliance with the GDPR can result in significant fines, which could have a far greater financial impact on a small business.

Complexity: “The GDPR is too complicated and difficult to understand, especially for small firms without a dedicated legal or IT team.”

GDPRWise: While the GDPR is indeed a complex regulation, we have dealt with that complexity for you and created a most pragmatic  software solution. You are presented with a most easy-to-use application that asks you to confirm basic information on how you operate your firm.  We have a great self-help knowledge base, video tutorials and email support function.

Relevance: “We are a small business, and the GDPR does not apply to us since we don’t process a large amount of personal data.”

GDPRWise: The GDPR applies to all companies that process personal data of EU residents, regardless of size or location. This means that even if a small firm processes a limited amount of personal data, it is still subject to the requirements of the GDPR.

Burden: “Complying with the GDPR will be a burden on our business, and we have more important things to focus on.”

GDPRWise: While getting your GDPR in order does require some time and effort, it will also have many positive benefits for a small firm, such as improved data management, enhanced customer trust, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Additionally, privacy and data protection should be considered a crucial part of any business’s operations given the increasing need for digitalisation.

Lack of Resources: “We don’t have the resources or manpower to comply with the GDPR, and we cannot afford to hire additional staff.”

GDPRWise: You are in luck, we have done the hard work for you. We present you with a filled-in dossier that is specific to how you and your colleagues operate in your sector for you to validate rather than create from scratch.  In other words getting your GDPR requirements documents is going to be quick and low effort. You will need to look at some other aspects as well like organising privacy awareness training for your staff and reviewing your data security practices, but we have the right help resources and videos to support you in those.


Summary – GDPR and small firms

In conclusion, the GDPR is a crucial piece of privacy legislation that affects all companies that process personal data of EU residents, regardless of size or location. Small firms should take the GDPR seriously and make a concerted effort to comply with the requirements to avoid significant fines, protect customer data, and build trust in the marketplace. While there may be some objections to GDPR compliance, such as cost or complexity, ultimately, investing some time and effort in GDPR compliance will have many long-term benefits for small firms, including improved data management, enhanced customer trust, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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