Only when upgraded to a paid account you get the full benefits from our GDPR compliance software:

  1. download your GDPR documents in full
  2. start improving your compliance score on your dashboard by ticking off action items
  3. manage your Data Sharing Agreements with third parties
  4. keep your GDPRWise efforts up-to-date and improve over time
  5. receive Regulatory Alerts and updates from GDPRWise

Upgrading from your Free trial to a paid account is easy! No need for a credit card, you can just trigger the upgrade and pay the invoice via simple bank transfer.

Go to the My Company > Subscription page and click the orange upgrade link and go through the steps. No to worry if you clicked through it too fast, all of the details are also on the invoice you can download from your Subscription page once you have completed the upgrade process.

If you would have any further questions you can reach us at