Our GDPRWise Software Solution for Resellers – GDPR Compliance 


Our mission is to make GDPR Compliance so easy that no firm is left out, and we can all do business safely. Our GDPR Software Solution for Resellers, aims to achieve that.

Therefore, in support of our mission we make the GDPRWise platform available for free to professionals such as lawyers and accountants who are looking to assist their end-customers to get their GDPR in order!

By doing so our partners can create additional services and revenue streams while getting more customers in the proverbial GDPR green. When, GDPRWise is expanding its software customer base; a win-win-win if we ever saw one.


Become a GDPR Software Solution Reseller – Runbook for GDPRWise Resellers

Furthermore, we have created a runbook to assist our value-add resellers in getting the most out of the GDPRWise in no time. You can simply download the runbook here. The below topics are covered:

1. Register & Get Familiar
Register on GDPRWise.eu and get your own firm’s GDPR in order to allow yourself to get familiar with the software and its many capabilities & benefits.

2. Select the first set of clients
Go through your customer base and select those clients you believe run the most risk or will be most responsive to your offering. Once you get the hang of it you can bring in even the most cynical of customers.

3. Create your commercial proposition
Moreover, the GDPRWise platform offers your firm at least 4 distinct revenue streams. Thus, learn more about those and how you can craft a most compelling proposition for your customers.

4. Reach out to your customers
Additionally, reach out to your customers informing them of the new GDPR related services you have launched. We have included a number of email templates you can use or draw inspiration from to create your own.

5. Initiate customer GDPRWise Dossier
Once your customer has responded positively to your new offering, you should go ahead and initiate your customer’s Dossier on the GDPRWise platform. Since our GDPR Dossiers come pre-filled based on the sector your customer operates in, we firmly believe we have done the hard work for you here.

6. Get feedback from your client
With the customer’s GDPRWise dossier drafted, you should now get feedback and ensure the dossier accurately reflects the reality of how your customer operates.

7. Stay involved
Everything changes all the time, especially your customer’s environment and needs. Therefore, stay involved so you are the first name that pops into your customer’s head when a next challenge needs to be addressed.

8. Reach out to new clients
Now you got the hang of this, scale up and expand your scope. GDPR is a legal requirement for all organisations, not just some.

9. Help us improve
Moreover, the better we support you, the more clients you can delight. Let us know how we can improve and expand our offering.


Become a GDPR Software Solution Reseller.

We offer to our customers a Staff Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, Data Sharing Agreements and GDPR Register.  Join GDPRWise now and provide value-add service to your community.


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