Staff Privacy Policy


  1. In doing business the firm captures and shares personal data of its staff and independent collaborators. GDPR requires the firm to inform its staff of the data it processes and shares as well as the rights staff have under the GDPR regulation.


  1. We advise you to go through your GDPRWise Staff and Third party dossiers one last time and confirm they accurately reflect how you process and share your staff’s data. If you are using a service provider to assist with wage and benefit processing make sure that third party is captured in your Third Party dossier. Additionally you might want to ask that third party to confirm your staff dossier is complete.
  2. When ready, download your staff privacy policy from the GDPR Documents page in the format you prefer.
  3. Confirm with your staff you now have a staff privacy policy in place and have them accept or comment on it.
  4. Going forward attach the staff privacy policy as an addendum to your staff contracts so your staff are informed of the personal data you process as well as their rights.

    For more information on how to get started on GDPR do consult our knowledge base.