Customer Privacy Policy


  1. Having a GDPR compliant privacy policy is legally required for any organisation service the EU market irrespective of its size.
  2. Your privacy policy should inform your customers which personal data items of theirs you use, what its business purpose is and what your legal basis is for doing so. For more information on how to get started on GDPR do consult our knowledge base.


  1. We advise you to go through your GDPRWise Customer and Third party dossiers one last time and confirm they accurately reflect how you process and share your customer’s data. Read our guide on the Third Party dossier if you have any doubt about it being complete.
  2. When ready, download your customer privacy policy from the GDPR Documents page in the format you prefer.
  3. Your customer privacy policy document should be made available on your website so your customers can be informed of how you process their personal data.
  4. Your privacy policy should be published on a dedicated page, in other words it should not be included in any other document like a disclaimer or terms and conditions.
  5. Make sure your privacy policy page has a last update datetime so your customers can understand when the policy was last updated.
  6. Make sure the link to the privacy policy page is available on all pages of your website, so best to add the link in the footer of your website.

If you are not sure how to do this, we suggest you contact your website builder for help.