Data Subject Request register – template

All organisations they need to ensure they inform individuals about their rights and at the same time implement the appropriate processes to ensure they can swiftly exercise the individual’s rights. Hence, examples those rights are: right to access their data and right to delete their data. Moreover, check out our knowledge base item dedicated to those GDPR data subject rights here.

It is important do respond swiftly to any request you receive and make sure you action them properly. Failing to properly respond and actions those requests can results in fines and repetitional damage. Do note that the individual is going through the trouble of contacting you, so it is rather likely that if you do not action the request correctly he or she might take it a step further and issue a complaint with the GDPR supervisory authority.

To help you track those requests, you can use this Data subject Request register.

For more detail on how to respond to each of the rights and templates to use, check out our knowledge base section Data Subject Requests.


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